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Selling Guidelines 

To Ensure a Wonderful Sale please review all the below Selling Guidelines. If you have further questions please see our FAQ’s page.

At The Kidz Klozet, QUALITY IS ESSENTIAL in the success of our sale. We maintain our sale integrity by accepting items that are clean and in good condition. To ensure a wonderful selling experience, please review all the Selling Guidelines below.If you have further questions please see our FAQ’s page.

What We Will Accept

      • Clothing – Your best-cleaned CURRENT STYLE Spring/Summer clothing items
        • Children’s sizes Newborn to Juniors. All children’s clothing must have a numbered size (not S,M,L,XL). A best guess is acceptable.
        • Jeans, School Uniforms (all Seasons Please indicate School Uniform on Tag), Anything New With Tags (all Seasons)
        • CURRENT STYLE Spring/Summer Maternity clothes! Size correctly (S,M,L,LX). Limited to 10 of your best items.
        • All Season Boutique Children’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Children’s Boutique Shoes! (Please review our Boutique Section Selling Guidelines)
        • Only onesies  or socks, attached to a coordinating outfit or New in Package. You may sell plain onesies in groups of multiple. (no single onesies unless not plain)
        • All size tights of like new or better condition. (please place tights around cardstock and  in ziploc bag)
      • Shoes -Spring/Summer shoes, in EXCELLENT condition. Rain and Cowboy boots accepted year round.
      • Furniture – Cribs (please see recall website for cribs!), beds, changing tables, bookshelves, toy bins, etc.
      • Outdoor Toys & Equipment – in good condition – Bikes, athletic equipment, riding toys, scooters, playhouses.
      • Toys – All parts must be in Ziploc bag and taped. Use only packaging tape. Toys must be in working order with BATTERIES, if needed. We also accept stuffed animals that use batteries or Build A Bear.
      • Entertainment – Books (25 limit), movies (please be sure all DVD are in good working condition, this is our #1 Complaint), computer-related items, puzzles and games (with all pieces) etc.
      • Baby gear – infant swaddling blankets and other small blankets/ infant sheets (no large bedding),  play pens, exer-saucers, high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, swings, etc.
      • Baby Feeding Supplies- Dr. Brown, Medela and Advent bottles accepted (no other bottles accepted) and other feeding Supplies (in great condition).
      • Please check the CPSC Recalls webpage and/or We Make It Safer Simply Check to ensure nothing has been recalled.

What We Cannot Accept

    • Items that are on the recall list at CPSC Recalls U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.
    • Items not properly Tagged (please see the How To Tag page)
    • Drop-side cribs and cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011; Drop-side cribs are NOT allowed to be sold new or resale.
    • Bunk beds that do not meet CPSC standard
    • No VHS or Cassette Tapes
    • Car seats older than 5-6 years or any car seat that’s been in an accident or has been recalled
    • Baby bath seats that were made prior to December 6, 2010, have suction cups, or are missing warning labels
    • Puzzles or Games with missing pieces
    • Items with stains, excessive wear, missing or broken parts
    • Misses or Adult Clothing
    • Bedding- including crib bedding and/ or kid bedding
    • Items taped with duct tape or scotch tape (the tape damages products)
    • Used Sippy Cups or Bottle Nipples (or bottles not Advent or Dr. Brown)
    • Out-of-date and style clothing
    • Smoke or foul-smelling clothing
    • Single Onesies (Not sold as a set and/ or plain) or socks unless attached to a coordinating outfit Or NEW In Package
    • Children’s outerwear with drawstrings  CPSC Drawstring Guidelines
    • Children’s metal jewelry (in an effort to be in compliance with CPSC lead safety requirements)
    • Stuffed animals (unless battery operated or Build A Bear)
    • Any item with violent theme or inappropriate for children

Thought to consider: ONLY bring it if YOU would BUY IT!

We reserve the right to not accept any item that does not meet the above criteria. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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