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New Consignors

The Kidz Klozet is Spring Hill’s top rated Consignment Sale because we make selling your lightly used items easy and rewarding. Please review the instructions below for securing one of our highly sought after consigner spots. Thank you for considering us for your consignment needs.

Top 10 Reasons to Consign with The Kidz Klozet

  1. Enjoy Seller-Controlled Pricing – You earn 70-80% (earn more by Volunteering) of every item you sell and you control the pricing.
  2. Donate Unsold Items Option – You have the option to pick-up your unsold items (sorted by consignor number) or have us donate them to a local charity.
  3. Rapid Pay – Your earnings check is mailed within 2 weeks after the sale. There is a low fee to consign, paid upon registration. Volunteer the Saturday Sort Shift from 2-6 and receive your check that day!
  4. Experience Active Marketing – Your items are shopped by thousands of shoppers, and we take care of all the advertising.
  5. Shop Affordably For Your Family – With the money you make, easily supply your children with next season’s wardrobes.
  6. Early Shopping Benefits – You get to shop BEFORE the public at the Consignor Presale for the BEST deals.
  7. Clean House = Happy Mom – Your closets are clean and uncluttered, ready for each new season.
  8. Hassle Free Selling – Avoid yard sale prep/haggling/clean-up/weather, or online listing/no-shows/safety/packing/shipping. We take care of the hard work for you through our VIP tagging service.
  9. Track Your Earnings Daily – You can monitor your earnings online during the sale.
  10. There’s No Better Way! Clean-out and cash-in during ONE week! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s REWARDING!

Quick Steps: How to Participate.

  1. Register online for a Consignor Number & schedule your Drop-off appointment.
  2. Hang, tag & price your items according to the instructions under the “Selling Guidelines” and “Tagging Instructions
  3. Login to your Consignor Homepage to print tags.
  4. Drop-off your items at the sale location during your Drop-off appointment (be sure to review our Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedures).
  5. As a consignor, take advantage of getting to shop BEFORE the public during the Consignor Presale!
  6. Pick-up your unsold items (will be sorted by Consignor Number) at the end of the sale during our pick-up times, OR allow your unsold items to be donated to a local charity. Your check will be mailed to you within two weeks. Volunteer the Saturday Sort Shift from 2-6 and receive your check that day!
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