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How To Tag

We will NOT accept hand written tags or items improperly tagged or hung. Please review below on our tagging procedures.

Please review below for tagging information. Also remember we do not accept tags that are hand written. Be sure to look at the Selling Guidelines and Pricing Guide here. If you have further questions please contact, or call/text Kayley at 615-513-6621. I am happy to help with any questions or concerns.

Tagging Quick Reference 

  • Metal Hangers – must be on unless they are 0-18 month then they can be on metal hangers or THIN plastic hangers
  • Pinned– All items should be pinned properly see diagram below
  • Clothing Tags– All tags should be on the right side of the garment or over the heart of the shirt
  • Hangers– should face the left like a question mark (?)new_pix_hanging_clothes-312x146
  • Shoes– Zip Tie shoes together or use ribbon/string, then pin tag to tie. (tip: use tape to write consigner number and item number in sole of each shoe for in the event they get separated) Only infant shoes are allowed in plastic bags
  • Books and DVD’s- verify all DVD’s are in good working order, tape the box then tape the tag to the back of the DVD box. For hard back books tape the tag to the back of the Book. For Paper Back books or book lot, place books in a ziploc bag, tape bag shut, and then tape tag to bag. Try not to tape over vital information to the buyer.
  • Small items– Place in a ziploc bag, tape shut and tape tag to OUTSIDE of the bag.
  • Selling Items Together– Please Only sell items together if in the SAME condition.
  • Toys–  Tape tag to toy and be sure to not cover any sticker part of toy. Place any lose pieces of a toy inside a bag, then tape to toy.
  • Puzzles and  Games– use cling wrap on box then tap tag to wrap, so there is no damage to item, make sure all items are included and say it on the tag.
  • All items– please be sure to tape all bags, boxes etc shut.
  • Large items with multiple pieces– If you have a large item with multiple pieces (i.e. a stroller car seat combo- selling as a set) Please be sure to write on the printed tag item 1 of 2 etc, then on a scrap piece of card stock write consigner number, item number, brief description, and item 2 of 2 for the other large item then attach. So both the stroller and the car seat have a tag.

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MySaleManager Instructions

  1. Login
  2. You should then be on the consignor homepage. (if  not, navigate to the consignor homepage)
  3. Click on the Activities Menu and select “work with consignor inventory”
  4. You will then be on the Consignor Item Entry page. Click “Work with my consignor items.”
  5. Choose correct category for your item (i.e. boys clothing etc)
  6. Write brief description of item (i.e. New With Tags GAP Jeans Adjustable waist etc.)
  7. Choose your price and click the box discount YES if you WANT it to be half price on Saturday.
  8. When you hit “Submit Item,” that item stays in your inventory until sold or you delete it.
  9. Enter as many items as you like, then go back to the “Consignor Item Entry” page to print tags.
  10. Print on White Card Stock (we will not accept unless it is on card stock)
  11. Cut then place the tag on your item
  12. Please Check your tags for Accuracy, The Kidz Klozet is not responsible for mispriced tags.
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