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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reference this guide for help pricing your items.

  • YES! Volunteer! Shop the EARLIEST Pre-sale (before 100’s of consignors!)
  • You do NOT need to consign to work and shop pre-sale!
  • YES! Consign! Receive 1 consignor and 1 guest pass when you become a consigner.
  • New Moms register online and get 1 guest pass to shop Pre-sale night.
  • DONATE! Bring 3 (new) food donations for The Well Food Pantry and
    shop 30 minutes early on Public Opening Day. Public sale
    opens at 9am. YOU shop @ 8:30am w/donations
  • Sign in, double check your info, sign the Consignor Agreement.
  • Unload your stuff for inspection!
  • Items needing assembly must be assembled by you.
  • Place items where they go with the help of volunteers.
  • Don’t forget your Consignor and Guest Pre-sale Passes to shop early!
  • Click Here to read more about Drop Off – Pick OFF

For pick up, you will check in and pick up any unsold items. If you want to stay
for our donation dart, you are more than welcome to do so. Also, if you decide
to donate some of your items left over, you will have the opportunity to do so.

Checks are mailed within 2 weeks of pick-up.  If you work the Sort Shift from
2pm-6pm on the 1/2 price day you will get your check THAT DAY!!!

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash and local Check. Include
phone number on the check. There is a $20.00 returned check fee.
See our Selling Guidelines Page for a Pricing Suggestion Chart.  Consider the price you’d pay, usually 1/3 to 1/4 of the retail price based on the condition, quality, and demand for the item.
Yes! Bring a shopping cart or bag with you, i.e. clothes basket, wagon, large
“31” bag, etc. We have large “IKEA” bags for customers to use while shopping
but there’s no guarantee there will be one available.  Please don’t use any item
for sale (like strollers) to carry your items UNLESS you also plan to buy it.
No.  Sorry, all sales are final.  Please inspect items before you buy!  If an item
you purchase is misrepresented, email TheKidzKlozetSale@gmail.com and
please include this info found on the tag: consignor number, item description,
price, and item number (at bottom) or any other information you can provide. I
PRIDE myself on thoroughly checking every item at drop-off to ensure quality.
Consignors that sell items that are defective or misrepresented will be warned
then banned if the problem persists.

No. When you find a large item you want, find anyone wearing a Purple “The
Kidz Klozet” apron.  They’ll give you a ink pin and you can fill out the Large Item Tag that is attached to the item. Please fill out your name, time, and phone number, We will only hold large items for 2 hours. The bottom portion should be torn off and taken to check out. At check out the cashier will mark “paid” to confirm the item has been paid for. Which you will show to the volunteer at the door upon exiting.

PLEASE, do not pull the tag off, unless it is the “Large Item Tags.” Pulled tags often get lost and an item with no
tag can’t be sold.

Yes, children are welcome during our Public sale.  Our consignors work very
hard to prepare their items. Please monitor your children at all times.
NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 ARE ALLOWED AT THE PRE-SALE (Infants who are worn are allowed)!!!!!  Pre-sale times are extremely busy so please leave your children at home.
No, but they can work their own shift(s) and get a pass!!  Each consignor and
volunteer will get 1 guest pass to give someone so they can shop the Presale on Tuesday night.
All donations this sale go to the Tennessee Children’s Home, The Family Center of Columbia, and The Well Food Pantry or other similar local charities.  Please email TheKidzKlozetSale@gmail.com if you know a charity in need and that’s willing to pick up ALL donations on Sunday.

Refer a NEW consignor to our sale and your registration fee is refunded.
The new consignor MUST list you as their “referred by” when they register
online for you to get credit.

Still have questions?
Email KAYLEY at TheKidzKlozetSale@gmail.com
or call/text 615-513-6621

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