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Drop Off/Pick Up Information

In order to accommodate everyone and reduce wait times we ask that you review our Drop-Off and Pick-Up information below.  If you have questions please check out our FAQ’s page.

Schedule Drop-off Appointment


Before you drop-off your items, you MUST register online to be a consignor. Items MUST be tagged using our Tagging System PRIOR to drop-Off.

To speed up your drop-off experience, please consider the following:

  • Please Drop-Off items only during your Appointment Window.
  • All items must be tagged according to the Tagging Instructions prior to drop-off.
  • Review our Selling Guidelines.
  • Group items by gender and size. Group sizes together with a rubber band or ribbon.  This will make it easier for you to hang your clothing items on the correct racks.
  • Separate Specialty items from Gender/ Size (i.e. leave Holiday Dress, Dollar Rack, Coats, Swim Wear Separated)
  • Place items in clothes baskets, boxes or anything else that may help you unload from your vehicle to the building, we will have a limited number of rolling racks that will help with unloading
  • Double check toys have working batteries (also switch toys to the off position so batteries do not drain)
  • Double check clothing for blemishes, stains excessive wear etc.

Once you arrive for Drop off Appointment:

  1. Arrive on time and unload your items. You may use rolling racks if available.
  2. Check in at our Consignor Table. Be sure to get your Shopping Passes!
  3. Once a Volunteer is available, they will check your items for consistency per our Selling Guidelines. To Speed up toy check in please turn toys to on position or show the Volunteer that the toy makes noise, lights up, or working as it should.
  4. Once a Volunteer has checked items, Please place your items in the Correct Place on the Sales Floor.


* Please allow enough time for our volunteers to check all items.  Items will be inspected for quality and for season appropriateness.
* You will need to sign a The Kidz Klozet Consignor Agreement when you bring your items.  You will also pick up your Pre-sale Shopping Pass/ Guest Pass and Friday Night Half Price Sale Pass.

*We love kids but do ask that you keep a watchful eye if they are with you during Drop-Off.

* We try our best to have plenty of Volunteers to help with placing items on the sales floor, however, we do get overwhelmed occasionally on drop-off. So be thorough when placing items on the Sales Floor, because items do not sell in the wrong place/size.

Pick- Up

New!!! Pick Up Day and Time

  • Please arrive Saturday between 7-8pm
  • Check In at the table (Be Sure to have a form of ID available) and check the Lost & Found table for your items
  • Collect your items which are sorted by your Consigner Number
  • All Items will be donated to Charity Promptly at 8 pm
  • If someone else is picking up for you Please inform us and give them your consigner Number. And be sure they have a form of ID
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